Lets TALK About Shipping


Q: OK, why is it called SHIPPING anyway?

A: Because it gets "shipped", even when its on a Truck, it's still called shipping!
But if it on a ship it's called Cargo/Freight, go figure LOL.


Ok so that is our little joke out of the way...!

Anyway it is still all shipping to us!


Now, we can talk about those dudes like;
ePacket, DHL, EMS. TNT, StarTrack, etc 
Yes those dudes, who "Do the Shipping Thing"... 24/7/365
and make a lot of money from it.


Basically the faster you want it, the more it cost.
SEE our WAIT and SAVE discussion over here on that


The shipping charges are varied based on;
Weight, Size, Time, Distance, Newness, Desirability Level...

Oh the list goes on!

Basically the more ways they can, they will charge.

So over here at The Discount Calculator.COM you can calculate almost anything!


We do:

1. FREE + Shipping & Handling = Means the item(s) itself is/are free because we cover that, and you just pay Shipping and Handling!

2. FREE Shipping & Handling = Means that you just buy the item(s), by paying for it however you want, and we cover the Shipping!

3. BUY ITEM + Shipping & Handling = The standard practice, where You buy the item by paying for it however you want, and also cover the Shipping and Handling!

4. FREE = We just give it to you, like when you are in store, and we hand you a free coffee, kite, cake or 'thing'! No Shipping or Handling! We maybe a bit of handling, and we still did have to pay to get the thing to us, to then give to you, so maybe a little bit!

5. There must be more ways = Are there? OH Yes!
Digital Downloads = Low Cost Delivery, Shipping almost nil, Handling, Services such a Website, Development, Hosting, Updating, Data Transfers like on Dropbox, and well we, still have to make them.
Things like PDF's of Recipes, How To Manuals, Video Training, Webinars etc.




So we run, FREE + Shipping offers at times to get your attention and
We believe you will come back then to get more cheap, free, discounted goodies!

SUPER DISCOUNTS like 31% and 50% OFF

We also run SUPER DISCOUNTS like this 31% off example, to get your attention, on occasions, not all the time, and on random items that we want to see you have, especially if it is a safety security item!

One of the best things we do is make REALLY cheap offers,
and at super cheap prices,
sometimes with the BIG idea,
that for You to save heaps waiting a few extra weeks/days,
with simply a few more sleeps on your part,
will save you the most...