The idea here is Let us talk about
Saving Heaps

By the virtue of waiting!
uch as in the example of the Seed Packets,
wait a bit extra and "Save A Packet!"

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SAVE HEAPS: However the way to save the most amount of money is to 
'WAIT' and get it via Ordinary Parcel Post, which usually takes
a few weeks extra, via the snail mail process.

We are so used to instant everything these days,
many of those people out there have forgotten
good old patience wins the race, and
SAVES a fortune, with just a little patience!

"Good things are coming to those who wait"
~Violet Fane -1892


You see sending fast, "getting speed on things", cost EXTRA money, and that's ok for those who want things yesterday. I am not making it wrong or anything, its just comes down to choice, no problems they can still do that, pay up and apparently shorten the wait time.

BUT who says one, three or fifteen (or more) extra sleeps is going to make that much of a difference anyway right?

You see these guys ePacket, DHL, EMS. TNT, StarTrack, etc, are in the business of making money from peoples impatience, simple as that. the more impatient, the more they can charge, and boy do they charge like a grumpy Buffalo.

The solution is to be a bit more ZEN about things, be a bit more "Yoga of the Chillax", and SAVE HEAPS.