25% Off -BLACK BIRD Women Earrings With Feathers -FREE SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE!
25% Off -BLACK BIRD Women Earrings With Feathers -FREE SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE!

25% Off -BLACK BIRD Women Earrings With Feathers -FREE SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE!

Drops Of Jupiter

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25% Off -BLACK BIRD -Women Earrings With Feathers
-Tassel Eardrop Dream Catcher Model

Blackbird Earrings with Real Feathers and a Dream Catcher.

Choice of 2 colors

Easy to use Hook Style earrings, UNISEX!


CHEAP as Chips!

LIMITED TO 5+ per order only!

YES! We are ALMOST giving these away!
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~Violet Fane -1892


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