25% OFF -FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE -Casual Tops from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"
25% OFF -FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE -Casual Tops from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"
25% OFF -FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE -Casual Tops from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"
25% OFF -FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE -Casual Tops from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"
25% OFF -FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE -Casual Tops from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"

25% OFF -FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE -Casual Tops from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"

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from; "Normal People Scare Me" to "Arrgh Me Hearties!"

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Yes, You have a T-Shirt with "something" on it, I almost will bet on that!

I have three favorite inspirational quotes:

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all." -- Helen Keller

"The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow." -- H.G. Wells

"Find your way to do -what you love most- doing!" - Me


What are Your Fav sayings?


Recently, I've been thinking about another kind of inspirational quote-

-The ones that usually agitated people "with a voice" use to SPEAK UP on their t-shirts, posters, and other kitsch and memorabilia.

In fact, this was one of my first entrepreneurial ventures in college, blatantly violating copyrights and printing limited runs of t-shirts that some friends and I tried to sell to our fellow students and ended up giving them away, but the message was clear, people do want to speak up!

Here are some inspiring examples of catchy phrases.

1. "Life is good."
If you grew up in New England, chances are you know this brand. Reportedly, brothers Bert and John Jacobs first tried to start a t-shirt business in 1989, but they wound up broke and living in their van before they came up with the slogan that would change their lives: "Life is good." As of 2007, they'd sold 20 million shirts, and had a company making $100 million a year.

2. "Have a nice day."
The saying had been around for a long time, but in the early 1970s, two brothers--Bernard and Murray Spain--trademarked it and added it to a smiley face logo (the logo was itself had been designed by a Massachusetts artist named Harvey Ball about a decade earlier).

By 1972, the Spain brothers had reportedly sold 50 million smiley face buttons, posters--and of course, t-shirts. (Their story even sort of made it into the 1994 movie, Forrest Gump.)

3. "Yankees suck!"
Around the turn of the 21st century, two friends in Boston took this popular cheer at Red Sox games, put it on t-shirts, and started selling them for $10 outside Fenway Park. They were wickedly popular messages!

For a while in New England however, the saying was "ubiquitous," Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy was reported as saying, "to the point where you'd hear it at graduations, or weddings et al.

4. "Ranger Up"
This is an Army saying: "To prepare yourself for an immense amount of suffering and learn to enjoy it," according to Urban Dictionary. But these days it is more like "Man Up", Or "Toughen up Princess"!

5. "Keep Calm and Carry On"
This phrase has its origins in a public service poster put forth by the British government in World War II. Very polite and proper, hey what? Now you are more likely to say….. FFS!

In 2000, the owner of a used bookstore in England came across one of the posters, framed it, and put it up by the cash register in his shop. It turned out to be very popular. Since the saying is not copyrighted. "I didn't want it trivialized," the bookstore owner later comments.

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