25% Off -Handmade SILVER & Leather -Feather Pendant/Necklace -FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
25% Off -Handmade SILVER & Leather -Feather Pendant/Necklace -FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

25% Off -Handmade SILVER & Leather -Feather Pendant/Necklace -FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Drops Of Jupiter .NET

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25% Off -Handmade SILVER & Leather
- Feather design pendant necklace


New Season Fashion

This stunning silver leaf with a leather necklace
is about to make your day, every day!


Shopping for jewelry is good for your heart!

Our range of products has been designed to appeal to people who love beautiful things and enjoy wearing items that are different from those that can be found in shops around the world.

You are looking to buy a gift for somebody special in your life, then we have beautiful pendants for necklaces that are made from highly polished sterling silver, with exquisite details that will enchant your special person.

We believe that a special piece of jewellery should complement the personality of the wearer and so we have created designs that fulfil this.

When shopping here with us @ Drops Of Jupiter .NET You embrace the moment by obtaining that truly expressive feeling in your heart.

When you are gifting others, the way that you feel in your heart is conveyed to that the person you are treating so they will treasure your connection for many years to come.

To ensure that we continue to create unique pendants that capture hearts and minds, all of our products are hand finished and must meet our exceedingly high standards before being approved for sale to you!

Hand Crafted means crafted by head with the wisdom and guidance of our heart!


Made with real hide leather + Zinc Alloy as a silver finish,
so you can have your feather close to your heart instead of in your hair!



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